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As 44 melhores propagandas de preservativos do mundo

                  44 Best Condom Ads Ever Created

We already had a look at the 33 sexiest ads before, but this time, it’s time solely for condom advertising!
It is probably the most overdone type of advertising, which already p*sses everyone off in the advertising world. So, if you’re applying for a job here – never ever put a condom ad in your book. Creative directors hate those!
However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been made some truly creative works here. It’s the other way round – there are lots of great condom ads! So, without further ado, let’s jump to the 44 Best Condom Ads Ever Created.
P.S.: Please note that some of the ads might be student works never officially published. Also, if you don’t agree with the title, and think we’ve missed some good ads – share it with us!

MTV: Bullet

“Girls, protect yourself. Demand your partner to wear a condom.”
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, PortugalCreative Director | Copywriter: Edson Athayde

MTV: Use A Condom

“Except for AIDS, nothing has changed. Use a condom.”
Advertising Agency: Loducca, São Paulo, Brazil | Creative Director: Guga Ketzer

Happy Aunts

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Life Or Death Depends On Only 0.003mm Of Latex

“Diagnosis: Life or death depends on only 0.003mm of latex. Note: Yearly 3 million humans die world-wide because of the consequences of AIDS. Treatment: Get informed. Finding out can protect against infection.”
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany

Give longer, Take longer

“Give longer. Take longer. – Lovemachine condoms. For a longer erection. By Beate Uhse.”
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany

Love Is Blind

SWAT Team And Fire Brigade

“Don’t be stupid. Protect yourself. Condomshop.ch”
Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Switzerland | Creative Directors: Urs Schrepfer, Daniel Comte

Don’t say, “It won’t happen to me”

Advertising Agency: RPM Radar, Istanbul, Turkey


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy RedCard, Singapore | Creative Director: Paul Anderson

Plan Your Family

Fits Any Head

Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore

Hindustan Latex: Condom awareness

“Whatever you do, use a condom.”
Advertising Agency: Percept Holdings’ AMO Communications, India

HuanXiTang Ultra Thin Condom

Advertising Agency: ZR42128 AD, Shanghai, China | Creative: Richie Zhao


Happy New Year

Condomi: Ultra Thin

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB KOBZA, Vienna, Austria | Creative Director: Patrik Partl

King Size

Advertising Agency: CLM BBDO, France

Chocolate Condoms:  Before and After

Agency: DDB Group, Belgium; AD: Sebastian Piacentini | Copy: Michel Simos

Legends condoms: Twins

“Protect yourself.” Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Sydney | Creative Director: Danny Searle

Olympic Elasun Condoms

According to Chinese condom brand makers Elasun, archery, swimming, cycling, basketball and rings have been voted safest of all Olympic disciplines of Beijing.

Humo – Let the Beast Go!

(The image has been censored)

Durex XXL

2 Balls

These are the slides from a powerpoint presentation distributed virally through emails.

Global Sex Survey


Thank You For Not Buying Durex

Durex XXL

Art Director: Moe Awsem

Be Good

Happy Father’s Day


Extra Large


Advertising Agency: Espiral DP, Guayaquil, Ecuado

World AIDS Day: The Grim Reaper

Advertising Agency: Cream, Athens, Greece | Illustrator: fivebluewishes.gr

Long Pleasure Condoms

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France


AIDS Awareness: Death

Advertising Agency: 007, Cairo, Egypt | Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator: Mohamed Abbas

Prevent Aids

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